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PMDG 737NGX/777, Win10, and Throttles

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Did a quick search with no results, so I'll put this out. You can answer or point me to ant relevant threads. I recently blew up my Win 7 machine, and ordered a new Win 10 gamer. Reinstalled everything with success, and then started setting up my A/C. I am running the latest FSUIPC. Started setting up my PMDG 737, and I cannot get the throttles to work. Since I'm using FSUIPC, I had turned off the controllers in FSX/SE, and no matter what I tried, I could not get the throttles to calibrate. I remembered something about the PMDG stuff not liking FSUIPC, so I deleted the FSUIPC.ini section for the 737, and turned on the FSX/SE controllers (I'm running Saitek X-55 system). and still can't get these things to work.

Same results with the 777, so I know it's gotta be an incompatibility, probably with FSUIPC. Any input from the gurus up here? It seems that the PMDG A/C are the only ones with this problem.


-= Gary =- 

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My Saitek (Cyborg X) works with the PMDG 777 and Windows 10 (with FSUIPC installed too).  Did you download and reinstall the latest Saitek drivers (for 64 bit)?

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