A circuit of EGHI with a FSFlyingSchool Pro 2018 on board!

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Hi Robkr1208!

Whoa - many thanks for taking the time to look at FSFlyingSchool PRO 2018 for P3Dv4 and for making such a splendid movie for us all to watch!

I think I can help increase your fun with good old Mr Smith the instructor if I mention that the reason he kept going on about "taking off" and "steering"  and "not braking" was that you were in take off mode (one of FSFlyingSchool's four 'Flight Modes') and if you decide you are not taking off you simply need to let the chap know by pressing the command keys to revert the flight mode back to 'taxi'. At that point he will of course stop talking about taking off. 

Another point is that skilled pilots like yourself will want to turn off the feature which automatically detects if you are in 'cruise' or 'landing' mode; you will want to control that yourself for greater precision.

Once again - many thanks - it is always a treat to get surprised by such a movie appearing online and terrific fun to see folks having a jolly time with FSFlyingSchool.

Have a great week of flights!

Jeff Preston

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