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Guest melevine

No longer have contrails appearing above FL 300....help...

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Guest melevine

To all: hope one of you bright folks can help me figure out how to get my contrails back. I am extremely happy with my current setup (hardware and software) and have been an avid Flt simmer for almost 20 years. Recently, I upgraded my hardware and am now using the Matrox TripleHead2 Go to show an expanded view across my 3 21" monitors. It is wonderful and very immersive. I primarily fly turboprops (SuperKingAir B200, Pilatus PC12) but when I want to go high and far I spool up the Citation X. I'm not sure if the following problem started after I began using the TripleHead2go or not, but I no longer get contrails appearing at altitude.Can you please help me troubleshoot this problem and figure out how to get them to reappear? Thanks in advanceR/Mike

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