SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

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1 hour ago, Leen3131cs said:

As repainting the new model seems to be much more complicated  due to the method the excellent original paints were processed with  and a real paintkit not being provided by Skunkcrafts , I wonder how many repaints for this model can be expected. 

 I was wrong here.

I was told the default liveries are texturised using a program like  Substance-Painter, all textures have their own texture dedicated full PBR normals and painting that way is not possible for painters due to the fact they cannot load the plane in such a program.

Texturising this model ( the traditional way) is very well possible but achieving the same high level of  PBR quality as the default ones is almost impossible for most painters.

What I wrote was based on information I got about the texturing some months ago.
I even got the impression repaints were not really on the wishlist.

I downloaded the repaint ( wich is excellent)  and studied the texturefiles and their normals.
The texturising is well mapped over two 4K files and dito normals.
The Definition of the textures is approx  415 pixels per meter wich is not very high but certainly enough for good paints.


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3 hours ago, Leen3131cs said:

Ohh yes it depends on the eyes you are looking with.
Nevertheless its a fact the availability of (quality) repaints has a big influence on the sales of a model.

Your anecdote is not really evidence of your claim, of which I am deeply skeptical. I doubt it’s “a fact” that the availability of reprints has a “big influence” on sales of most models.  Perhaps an older model that doesn’t have much appeal otherwise might see an uptick in sales with the release of an interesting livery for a subset of the public. I seriously doubt a first class release like A2A warbirds see any real change in sales due to a paint becoming available. At any rate, given the excellent quality of this new aircraft, and the several classic liveries provided, I doubt sales will suffer in the least from the difficulty of repainting it. 

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I can make my point of view more clear in a few single lines.

More liveries published is  = more exposure of the model.
More liveries lead to publishing of more screenhots at screenshot-fora = more exposure of the model

The better the exposure , the better the sales will be. No matter we are talking about a sim aircraft, sigarettes, beer, cars whatever.


I purchased the plane some hours ago and I must say its a real good product.
But also this time, the painter being in a hurry to publish the plane, some liveries look not as good as they could with the same effort.
Most default liveries have a nasty white/blueish line  running over the nose of the aircraft, ( seen under various angles)  simply forgotten parts on the texture.
This really messes up the nose.
No problem to correct for a painter.I did them all in five minutes.


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Hopefully, someone will paint some air racing liveries?

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I think we can expect a lot liveries the moment a paintkit is available.
By default only a bare metal livery with black text on it is all there is for the painters to play with.
A painter runs into trouble the moment he wants to make a dark colored livery with white text.

A paintkit ( un-official ) is in the making.

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UN-OFFICIAL PAINTKIT for the Skunkcrafts P51 by Leen De Jager

When I was making a full bare-metal version of the P51 , with a bare spinner and no red parts, I stumbled into making kinda paint-kit for myself.
Not a sophisticated real paintkit, just a dabblers paintkit based on the default (paintable) silver livery.
I wanted to have the possibility of making my own exhaust-dirt .
For modern painted (Reno and demo) Mustangs I needed white text on the fuselage instead of black.

Now painting can start and I just could start right away.
It would be great to have MANY paints for this FANTASTIC plane (thanks Skunkcrafts) and therefore I choosed to share my silver bird and I include my layerfiles.

UNZIP LDJ-P51-paintkit-1 and  LDJ-P51-paintkit-2 to your liveries folder.
You can fly the silver bird instantly and start painting the same time. (MANUAL enclosed)

Lets grab our brushes and start.

Just Google it

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My first  livery for this model, using my own paintkit.

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