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Andrew Urbanczyk

Bush Flying in P3D V4

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The Lionheart Quest Kodiak  works in Prepar3d v4.3 I use it as my workhorse in my Alaskan Air Cargo business in Air Hauler II.  Like the others said Orbyx regions and airports along with Tongass x and Misty Moorings a great place to fly.

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12 hours ago, pilot10112 said:

How is the new milviz PC-6 porter?

Please see the recent dedicated thread

- TONY -


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Another one for misty mornings. I’ve recently started the region and you do need a few scenery payware addons. If you decide to go that direction I would suggest starting with PFJ. Seems most of the freeware  RTMM is more focused in that area so you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Papua New Guinea is also very good, but you’ll need global...high cost. (Orbx aypy + global =AU$139.95) Then to complete that area you want Tapini AU$32.95. But it is very good for mountainous bush flying. 

Milviz DHC3 is very nice also. In fact the best radial engine sounds I’ve heard in a sim. 

Luke Pype

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Lot's of good suggestions out there.  I would keep in mind that many tend to think of bush flying they think the American northwest or Alaska which are great destinations but also think about bush fling in the deserts, jungles and remote islands.  Lots of great airstrips out and about.

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my bushflying list 2019.10 , all works in prepar3d 4.5

at the moment i'm flying in PNG with the orbx bush strips. active sky, a bit of clouds and a lot of wind turbulences. pure thrill 😄! also "air hauler 2" is big fun and thrill with bushflying cargo jobs. 

!!! all planes installed with "Installing add-on aircraft outside P3D root" tutorial from nzfsim.org . it works great for my old fsx planes.

carenado c208b grand caravan
FSDG Bush Hawk XP - taildragger - old, ugly, but i love it 😄
carenado C185F SKYWAGON BUSH - great engine sound
realair scout
aerosoft twinotter extended dhc-6 300 tundra
aerosoft dhc-2 tundra wheels
quest kodiak
milviz pc-6 porter - yeeehaaaa !!! 😄 my best
flight replicas super cup - still great for the smallest strips
pc-6c porter Piglet's Peculiar Planes freeware - still great for bush cargo missions

some of the old fsx planes i modded with "meggitt_2100_fsx.zip" autopilot for longer distances.

have fun! 🙂


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There are also two An-2 models out there, one by Aerosoft and the other by Sibwings.


i7-8700k @ 5.0 ghz, 32 GB G.Skill TridentZ, 3080Ti, 32" BenQ, 4K res

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Guys, just one thing please. What makes the old A2A Cub incompatible with P3d? I have it and i fly it without any problems in version? Is there any functionality, that's not working correctly?

Win 7 Home (SP1), i7 2600@3.4, RAM 16gb, gtx 1080 Ti, ssd disks, DELL U2715H

P3d ver, TrackIr v5, T16000M + TWCS


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I also want to second the PNG strips from ORBX. Yes it is expensive but you can wait for ORBX's deals that come around. It's a once off cost and many hours of enjoyment.and Global means global not just PNG. 

Also I just purchased Aerosoft Lukla that got released for P3dv4 last week. Wow. If you want to fly out of Lukla and land at added local strips and fly around Everest then fun is coming your way. It is well worth the cost.

Australia V2 has 100's of added and upgraded airports. You want desert strips or 'bush' strips then you probably have a lifetime supply right there.

Southern Alaska by ORBX also has many small strips.

Aerosoft Antarctica has many strips as well.

We really are spoilt for choice if you get away from your local comfort zone and explore the world.

Yes it costs money but seriously how much pleasure do you get out of this wonderful hobby ? Just think how much a boat and it's on-going cost amount to !



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23 hours ago, AndrejS said:

Guys, just one thing please. What makes the old A2A Cub incompatible with P3d? I have it and i fly it without any problems in version? Is there any functionality, that's not working correctly?

oh yes, you're right!!! it works. just no akkusim possible ... because of 32bit i guess. that's great. did a test-inst of my old fsx version. works fine!!! thanks for the info !!


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