SH Global Switch - Sim's global lights become controllable

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When developing my Slim Lights I was always annoyed that the global lights did not go off completely. With the my other How To in my forum, the underlays and the lights in the FTX areas can be switched off, but they remain global and are also controlled by autogen, which sometimes leads to pop-ups..

Turning off Lights in the global Scenery folder (scenery \ global \ scenery) is not really a solution either, because it causes long load times and other unwanted side effects.

Not anymore. I'll make it completely dark for you now with one click worldwide and then turn on the desired light. The Global Light Switch can also be used without Slim Lights and it is possible to switch off all lights during the day, which can be done for example. in EGLC leads to stable 30 frames with AI, FTX England and UK 2000. Ideal for day flights.

What did the Englishmen do with their bad guys in the past? Right, they brought her to Australia. Everyone was still there and kept their name. Only in England has no one met them.

That's how I do it with the lights. The lights need the name (GUID), so that the Sim does not falter and still finds them. So they are somewhere deep in the earth, microscopically small and no longer glowing.

It will be released in about two weeks, but only in the Clubmember area, as are other downloads.

How does it work?

Starting base is EGLC with plenty of AI, FTX England and UK2000 Scenery

We have two kinds of lights the Slim Lights and the Global Lights

For this you can put on the desktop a link and switch at any time

1. Slim Light Switch


2. Global Switch


Both I switch off and now i go to EGLC


EGLC Night


There is neither something to save nor do you have to rename anything. Also no original file is touched. The work makes the switch reliable in one click

In the next example I only want to fly 50% with my SlimLights. I have already configured it in the UK (release EU North tonight) and that is also the optimal setting of the Slim Light for IFR

Now EGLC looks like this:


Also mixed mode works. For this purpose, the Slim Light Base is turned on, the Slim Light global on and also in GB the residential lights off

Configurator GB

So in heavy areas never turn on the residential Slim Light together with the global lights. That's too much of a good thing


Here, however, we only see the global lights of FTX, because everything is city. I prefer the first method, so only the slim lights at 50%

With the switches and the Slim Light country configurators you have full control.


Advantages: During the day no lights in the background
Night: no poppen of autogen strings and lights, big lights radius with slim lights

Disadvantage: if a heavy airport is located and indirectly in or on a large city, this can lead to higher loads, especially since many airports also bring their own lighting solutions for the environment, which then adds up to everything.

The slim lights alone with 50% are a good compromise.
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Another master piece of Rainer's one-man-show? I am deeply impressed and much more, I think it's a very good move from him to announce it here on AVSIM. I am fan of Simmershome since quite while, but some times I forget to look at its homepage on a regular base.

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