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OK Im stumped..need help please!

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OK guys, after reading this post over at SOH im on the right track....i think.

Trying to make the tailwheel on the D18 free castering like it should be. Any chance I can get a hand at figuring this out? Im at a loss...especially where it says to change the 45 to a 180 in the contact points..ive narrowed it down but still unsure which value needs to be changed. Im not worried so much about the actual model animation, just want it to behave like a true beech which is steered with diff braking and power changes. any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

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I'm not near my flightsim PC so I can't copy the exact line, but it's the 8th value in the first line you need to change. 

That is the line from the D17:  point.0=1, -23.4,    0.0,  0.2, 2000, 0, 0.32, 180, 0.1, 1.44, 0.5, 7, 10, 0.0, 120, 120

However be advised that changing the steered tailwheel to a non-steered one doesn't mean that it's much more realistic since FSX and P3D are doing a rather bad job due to the questionable friction model.

In this case it's even more problematic because the D18 is a twin engine design.

Furthermore you need 2 hardware throttles and pedals with toe brakes if you want to be able to control the D18 in a crosswind with a free castoring tailwheel.


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