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I have a lot of Orbyx installed plus many planes and Addons 

Most of my flying is in North America-here all works well

However In Europe and South America-I seem to have no go areas

I also note that I have to start P3Dv4.3 two or three times before the Simulator will run -then all is well

Have tried Default settings for Graphics for Graphics and it does help

I can fly around Quito in S America but not down at Ushuaia

I can fly around Graz In Europe but not around Innsbruck 

All Graphics drivers up to date.All antivirus off

I have a satisfactory system as most of my flying is in North America 

What could I try to free up the “constipation “without a Reinstall 

Have verified  relevant  Orbyx files in FTX Central

Have Run Repair with P3D 

I have looked at Poppets P3D troubleshooting advice but am not upset enough to do anything drastic

Any ideas would be appreciated 



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So... What happens when you fly in Ushuaia or Innsbruck?



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Did you try the "force a re-migration" in the FTX settings? It helped me for fixing a issue sometimes.

Intel i9 - GPU RTX 3080 - 32 gig RAM HyperX Fury DDR 4

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HI eslader

P3D just loads airport and then closes

Have not tried forced migration-will look at this



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Just for the heck of it, turn on the error logging. It might show something of interest, just remember that a lot of the errors logged will actually not hurt the running of P3D.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz (8 cores) Hyper on, Evga RTX 3060 12 Gig, 32 GB ram, Windows 11, P3D v 5, and MSFS 2020 and a couple of SSD's

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Tried forced migration-no go

Such a slight fault but annoying 

Cannot  fly to the 3 Orbyx Airports-Innsbruck,Saanen and Triengen

Do not feel like doing anything drastic as so much of the Simulator is good

Plenty other ares to fly

Next P3D update might do the business! Roll on P3Dv5!


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Hi Poppet

Only non Orbyx Scenery Addons in scenery_add-ons  XML Document file are

1)Turbulent Libraries

2)29 Palms

3)Anchorage Professional

4)Sim-Wings Anchorage Professional

5)Sim-Wings Fairbanks Professional

Plus also present in Prepar3D v4 folder are

scenery.cfg LLH

Scenery_CFG_Before_Aspen Extended

Scenery_CFG_Before _ Lucila-Mount Everest

Scenery _ CFG_Before _Plum Island....

Scenery_CFG_Herons Nest....

also if this of interest-the following two are CFG files



Thanks for your interest 



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Hello xxd09

First confirm you have Installed the latest Orbx Libraries 

Click on this to Update




Next:  Ensure you have set your scenery library priority correct

Launch FTX Central and click Settings (Bottom left)   This is the FTX Central Control Panel

Here we can Configure Library Insertion Points

Follow the steps below............... 

Click the little tab on the right for  FTX entries should be Inserted below    

Scroll down to Your last Add On Scenery (Non Orbx)  in the menu and Click it,   In my case its "Mega Airport Dublin" 





Now Using the Library Insertion Point tool  we will now move the OpenLC entries below the FTX entries

Click the little tab on the right for  OpenLC entries should be Inserted below  and click FTX 





When you have completed these 2 steps Insure you click Save before you move on 




Still in FTX Central,  Scroll down to Tools we will now  Force a re-migration on your unified Iclookup 

Click Force Migration another box will appear,  Click Start Migration the process will shortly finish 





Moving down the menu is the Clear Temp button

By clicking this Option it deletes any unfinished Orbx downloads that might be causing FTX Central to malfunction.

Simply click the button Clear Temp,  you will not get any notification 





Now close FTX Central

Then launch Prepar3D, Navigate to your scenery library,  This is what your scenery library should look like in this order going down  (If you have these Add Ons)




Try them steps first and let me know how you get on

Elaine Dixon 

AVSIM Prepar3D Guide     Prepar3D® Wiki       AVSIM CTD Guide     How to post a Screenshot 



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Hi Poppet

Thanks for that

My Scenery is in fact arranged this way but I repeated your steps which resulted in no change except that I had to move the two Tongass X files back to their proper station

(PS some months ago I downloaded Scenery Config Editor v1.1.9

This had worked with P3D v3 but caused a conflict with P3Dv4

I uninstalled the Editor and no longer use it

I had to delete Prepar3D.cfg to finally resolve the situation but all seemed to come OK-relevant?)


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Hi Poppet

Solved the problem!

I had this same  problem some time ago

Jim Young mentioned the Carenado CT Meteo module causing problems for some people

I disabled this module-there were two and all was OK

Recently I installed the new Carenado DA 62 

Of course a new CT Meteo module was installed at the same time-I had forgotten!!!!!!!!!

Checked P3Dv4 folder and there was the new module -off added to file and I am good to go!

Thanks again to Avsim and all your help

A happy bunny again!



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