Best configuration for a PC monster in P3D V4?

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Hello everyone,

After a few years I have started to start the flight simulation and I am catching up.

I have a PC from 3 years ago but I think it is a very powerful machine and should be able to play to the maximum or practically to the maximum in P3D V4. The problem is that if I put everything to the maximum  I go from 5 to 8 FPS. So for now I have had to loosen several things. I would like to know if someone can help me set it up better than I do now and that it can work at a correct FPS. The current config gives me a 25-35 FPS.

I detail the features of my PC and I leave captures of the current configuration:


- Intel Core i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz, procesador x64

- 32 GB RAM

- Windows 10 64 Bits


- 3 Monitors ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K UltraHD

Another hardware that I have:

- Pro Flight Yoke System

- Pro Flight Multi Panel

- Pro Flight Radio Panel

- Pro Flight Switch Panel

-Track IR5 + Track Clip PRO Com

- Instrument Panel

- Logitech Z906


<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/DbgyAnR"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="1kofvjy"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="TYa4ck1"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="KJL6CCg"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


As for addons, I currently have:

FTX Global- Base Pack

FTX Global - OpenLC North America


About addoons, what do you recommend? What is the best that I could get today for the greatest possible realism and quality?

I have the following in the list to buy but I prefer to ask before to know recommendations:



REX SkyForce



Many thanks!


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I would say the thing that is holding you back is your precessor P3D like it's predecessor FSX loves high clockspeeds and you will really need at least 4 GHZ if you want to run payware like PMDG in heavy weather with at least 30FPS and even then you will have to compromise


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Posted (edited)

From what you listed for buying I have only the REX SkyForce. It's an overhyped eye-candy, definitely not a necessity. I usually "fly" over Alaskan fjords with ORBX SAK and Return to Misty Moorings scenery so the beautiful clouds increased my 'fun factor' by a lot. For me it was worth it but I recommend to think twice before buying it. If you like hiking in a mild rain and starring at the mountains partially covered by clouds (like I do), then buy it.

BTW do you like VFR flying over some area which is covered by ORBX? If so, I'd think about that first rather than special effects.

Edit: I second to what /u/Dazkent said. Haswell family processors were definitely not bad but the 4th gen Core is getting a bit old nowadays. Currently I have i7 Skylake (6th gen), upgrade from my previous Ivy Bridge (3rd). It is a difference even the clock speed is similar. P3D is a bit specific case that every MHz of clock speed is noticeable but still, 4th gen i7 3GHz will perform worse than a comparable 8th gen i7 3GHz. If upgrading to a newer CPU is not an option, can you overclock it?

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Try to fix fps to 24-28. Only this will give you stable fps and no blurrys. 

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You have 3x 4k monitors.  That's the equivalent of 1/2 "12k" resolution, or 3x 4k resolution.  Your Titan X is not fast enough, nor does it have enough VRAM for this resolution.  Either drop your display resolution to 3x 1440 or even 3x 1080 or get a new video card like a 2080 Ti.  I can't honestly say even that will be enough.  It is possible that you might need significantly more VRAM than what the 2080 Ti offers in which case you would have to go for a Quadro RTX 5000, 6000, or 8000.  Hope you have deep pockets...

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Posted (edited)

I would say CPU  a new GPU would be bottle necked I use one 28" 4K monitor and the CPU at 4.9 locked at 29fps and it stays there all the time except when landing at EGLL with UK OBBX but it stays above 20fps. The CPU is still king in P3D the faster the better. 

The new Intel CPU benches are under NDA until the 13th but I suspect you may well have no trouble hitting 5.3 on a good gaming MB, and that to me is a better bang for buck than any 20 series GPU.  

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Many thanks for the first replies.They are very useful.

I wanted to edit my post but I can't. I see that the pictures of my actual config not shown, so I'll attach them here:









Would you change any settings to increase the quality, realism and gaming experience? Right now I'm going over FPS, so I could increase things.




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Cloud draw distance - change to MAX

Terrain page - Your system should be able to handle max settings for each category

Shadows is a performance killer so watch those settings.  Do you really need to show shadows from buildings, clouds, vegetation, sim objects?  Your system should be able to handle them though so... why not?

Make sure hyper-threading is turned off in BIOS.


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2 hours ago, Jim Young said:

Cloud draw distance - change to MAX

As I recall -- you can change Cloud Draw Distance, but ActiveSky will adjust it for you anyway.   Maybe that is what we're seeing with the OP's pictures.

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