FSX Gold Edition Acceleration product key

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22 minutes ago, Jim Young said:

It was not the intention of Microsoft to release a dumbed-down version of Acceleration.  Acceleration came with many new aircraft and scenery and updated FSX SP1 in the process.  SP2 was coded so that anyone who did not purchase Acceleration (for a measly $19.95) could still have the upgrades to FSX (like DirectX 10) but could not use any of the products that came with Acceleration.  Do not know how to prove it to you otherwise.  I do know for a fact you cannot have SP2 and Acceleration installed at the same time.

I completely agree with your last statement.

But that is not what I (and another user in this thread) try to clarify……
Which is:
If you install SP2 instead of Accel, not only do the new products (like new aircraft) that came with Accel don't work by just copying them into SP2, but a lot of third-party addons designed for Accel (and not related to these new products in Accel) won't work either.

Maybe the confusion comes from the word "products".




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To further clarify, an example of an addon designed for FSX-Accel that won't work properly in FSX-SP2.

Dino Cattaneo made a great simulation of the LM F-35B (an older version of it is freeware for FSX-Accel).
By itself, this aircraft flies fine in FSX-SP2, except for one thing: setting the STOVL mode (based on the FS Tailhook function) is programmed using a FSX variable named TAILHOOK HANDLE.

Although the Tailhook function itself allready exists in FS since FS2002, the used associated variable TAILHOOK HANDLE in the gauge code is available in FSX-Accel only (and not FSX-SP2).
Hence this addon won't work properly in FSX-SP2.
Just an example of an "under the hood" addition in Accel compared to SP2.



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I am sure that the last time that i loaded FSX-Accel, It didn't ask for the product key.

At the moment i have loaded up SP1 and 2 but not attempted yet to try the disc again since loading all my add ons. 

Sorry for not getting back to you, I have asked for email alerts but getting nothing 

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On 10/13/2018 at 1:13 PM, w6kd said:

I just dug out my FSX Gold box, and there are two separate key stickers, one for FSX Deluxe, the other for the FSX Acceleration Expansion.



Same here, Bob, I just pulled my FSX Gold box and both product keys are on one card, one on top of the other!

Should have said one above the other, but two distinct product keys!


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Just checked my case and i can see where the product key label was stuck on, So at some point its come off.

I guess its out of the question that someone who doesn't need the product key will be able to offer it to me, I have seen these Product key generators, But its to much a risk to download a virus.   

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