Full Set Of Flight Sim Hardware For Sale!!

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Custom 6 axis Throttle Quad with working reverse levers, parking brake, gear lever, working trim wheel, fuel cutoff switches, TOGA button, Autopilot Cutoff button, Spoiler axis, flaps axis with notched detents. Custom paint job. Built by FSXThrottle

Logitech Extreme Pro 3D joystick. 

Saitek yoke (Used with rubber band mod applied. Works great) with Triple Axis Throttle Box (usb)

Pro Flight Rudder pedals/Toe brakes

Hypercloud Xtreme 7.1 Dolby Gaming headset. 

TrakIR Pro Head Tracking Equipment. (NOT the hat clip version! This is the pro version)

Mountable bank of 6 double throw switches.

Also includes two matching 23" Samsung monitors and a custom throttle console designed for the custom throttle quad and bank of switches. Also includes a matching keyboard stand with shelves to match the throttle console. (See pictures).

Buyer pays for all shipping. Price is not negotiable. This is approx $800+ worth of sim hardware which works with Windows 7, 8 &10. Works with FSX, FS9, P3D v.1,2,3 & 4 as well as X-Plane 10 & 11.

All switches, axis and buttons are fully programmable via the paid version of FSUIPC or XUIPC.

PRICE: $200


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Where are you located?  Where are the pictures?

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New question

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4 hours ago, 2wheelsup said:

Where are you located?  Where are the pictures?

I'm located in Hampton, VA. 

2 hours ago, troyboy66 said:

pictures please

Wow...I knew I was tired when I posted this offer, but I can't believe I forgot to add the pics. My apologies gents. Here you go.

If there's any particular angle or specific shot of the hardware that you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than happy to provide it.











Here's pics of the two monitors...






The only differences between the two monitors is the base, bezel and the rear case. They are one model number apart but all technical specifications are identical.


Here's the custom center/throttle console. Each were made by me using 3/4" sanded birch plywood and 1"x 2" pine. The throttle console originally held a dual set of Saitek quads but when I upgraded to the $384 custom quad from FSX Throttle, I did some reconfiguring to mount the new quad and the 6-pack bank of switches from PC Aviator. The small ledge on the left of the throttle console is a mouse platform. You can relax your right arm and your mouse is at the perfect level for use. The even smaller black ledge on the right of the throttle console is where I mounted my small, bendable map/document light for reading flight plans, and plates while night flying. Lastly, the square hole just underneath the mouse platform is used for installing a combination on/off and dimmer switch for the map light.







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