A few more 737 NGX cockpit questions

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A few more questions, if I may:


1. Why does the speed value on the MCP window go blank after takeoff? And how does one alter the value when that happens?

2. Related to #1, what are the purposes of the buttons labeled C/O and SPD INTV?

3. It seems that occasionally, the HDG button cannot be illuminated after pressing it. Also, there are times when I press it, and I get an illuminated indication on the PFD but the button remains extinguished.

4. Is there a way to backlight the buttons on the FMC during night conditions? (A universal FMS has a dimmer/brighter option)


Thanks in advance for your help!


Brian Nuss

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The MCP window will go blank when the speed mode is controlled by the FMS, which you can see which mode is active on the FMA.

Switch between kts and Mach (it is C/O not C/C) and speed intervention.  These items are explained in the FCOM, where I highly recommend you look for answers to specific items such as buttons and controls in the cockpit.  Speed intervention is exactly what it sounds like, in that it gives the pilot a means to intervene or override a FMS based speed.

Basic concept to keep in mind is that you use the MCP to tell the airplane what you want, and the FMA tells you what the airplane is giving you.  If you press HDG SEL that should appear in the roll mode on the FMA.  Also keep in mind that there is always an active roll mode and only one active roll mode.  For example, you cannot activate HDG SEL if you have captured the LOC and APP mode is active.

Give Chapter 4 in the FCOM a complete reading.  Also be sure you have flown both tutorials. 


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regarding No.4: 

Panel light knob rear pedastal just right side behind the captain's seat.

In addition to what Dan said: When the buttons on the MCP are illuminated this simply means that they can be turned off again by pressing them. If a mode is actually activated you have to check on the FMA.

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