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Grass runway prop transparency issue, also HUD

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I am just wondering if anyone else has an issue I seem to of found on V4.3 with grass runways. I have two installs on developer licence, one with add-ons and the second on modelling computer that is kept as default. In images below I use the F22 on grass runway as the HUD shows the issue. Props have same problem.

Note, I found on flying computer (with add-ons) many grass airports were OK, until I disabled Orbx vector_cvx folder. Orbx areas seemed to help clear the issue somehow, but in far flung regions like mongolia, it is still present with orbx active. So to see issue you may need to disable orbx products in scenery library.

Once moving, any runway surface that is soft and therefore has the particle effect around the wheels will cut off the HUD or prop transparency where it overlaps the close terrain. A bright circle also appears around the model, so an irritating effect in any aircraft. If I change the surface of runway to hard, the issue goes away.

Here is the issue at default 27W (aircraft must be moving)


Here no issue once runway surface changed to hard.


MAybe a display issue, but two separate computers and cards?

Flying computer, GTX1080 TI current drivers

Modelling computer GTX750 TI older 399 drivers

To recap.

This happens on both computers, default install and many add-ons install
The flying computer is OK at many grass airports until ORBX vector is disabled
Some users at LM forums are reporting HUD cutting out. They may be seeing the transparency issue?

Would love to know if anyone can recreate the issue. Drawing a blank at official forum so far.

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I have exactly the same issue with my GTX1070 plus the HUD/prop circle vanishing upon touchdown on hard surface runways.

Latest clean P3Dv4.3 install with the latest original nvidia drivers.

A real immersion and realism killer. 

Btw, it happens anywhere except on hard surfaces.


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Just a thought, this may be a by-product of the type of Detail1.bmp (Global Semitransparent BumpMap) you are using.  \Scenery\World\Texture
If you are using REX textures try a different Detail1.bmp  they are often darker than the default one and will affect the grass or dirt runway surface where it doesn't affect a hard surface runway.

If you are using Orbx there are a few possible Detail1.bmp's to select from I like the "Coarse" version myself, try to steer clear of "Grass" Detail1.bmp   \ORBX\Scripts\Aero\Source

Cheers Jethro  

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No Orbx, no REX etc.  Just a clean P3Dv4.3

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Good thought, but I have a complete default setup to compare to and it happens on that too.

At least others see the issue. Maybe LM will fix in V4.4, assuming there is no simple user fix.

Just spotted a new issue. On the flight computer with many add-ons, now we have moved to November, hard surfaces with blowing snow effect around the tyres are showing the issue, but only if weather is from Active Sky. Default weather does not seem to cause the issue even if the blowing snow is there.

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If anyone else is having this issue, I have found a workaround while we wait and see if v4.4 corrects it.

For me at least, the issue is caused by the fx_tchdrt.fx effect which creates the particle effect around wheels on soft surface. I created an empty fx file and saved with the same name (backup original first) and now the issue has gone.

You do lose the effect around the wheels of course, but for me the view from the cockpit is the most important.

For an empty fx file, open notepad and paste in this text

[Library Effect]


Now save it with the name 'fx_tchdrt.fx' in main effects folder, having backed up the original first.

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