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Help with P3D Tweaking

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I've had countless problems with P3Dv4 since moving over from FSX, mostly with scenery and performance.

One problem is that with FTX Global, my roads are missing, and global isn't loading outside of the UK.


This photo shows the UK2000 road that doesn't line up with the ORBX scenery like it did in FSX and on the right the only ORBX road that displays properly.


To the right of this, there is a great grass patch where the road should be with cars driving on it.


This shows a part of scenery that is missaligned and blurry which I get everywhere


This is a more clearer example of a missing road


So far I have tried completely re-installing each ORBX addon to no luck. My performance is generally good but the sim freezes for a second a lot, especially in takeoff which is annoying. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix any of these problems and how best to optomise P3D for the best performance for my PC it would be a great help!


My PC:

i5 4690K @ 4.5GHz

GTX 1060 3GB

8GB 1866MHz RAM

1TB HDD <--- P3D is here

60GB SSD <--- OS is here


My Setup:

ORBX Global, OpenLC Europe, Vector, Trees


Aerosoft Airbus Professional

UK2000 Gatwick

REX Sky Force 3D + Texture Direct + Soft Clouds

Chaseplane <-- Uses 30% CPU for some reason

Ultimate Traffic Live



My FSX here looks amazing and is really smooth so I am aiming for better than this as P3D should run better than FSX on my machine as it takes advantage of newer hardware much better.


Thanks in advanced, Matthew.

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Roads are vector scenery objects, check your Vector control panel.  Also, please review the Orbx documentation for a very good description of what each product does and what regions are.

Otherwise, I recommend you post this thread in Orbx Support Forum

Dan Downs KCRP

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@downscc Thank's for your reply! Yeah, I have reset the vector control panel, played around with settings and completely re-installed vector. That was the first thing I did as before I purchased all of them I read up about the layers of scenery.

I will try the ORBX forum

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