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Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

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10 hours ago, mikeymike said:

Is there a BGL file I can turn off for now?so I don’t have that water body overlapping around the edge of airport 




Hi Mike,

I have never noticed but my ZSPD is the same. I don’t think the satellite photo mesh blends properly with FTX Vector so you (and I) can’t fix it. If you disable Vector it blends reasonably well with default (which is FTX Global in my case).

I think the reason I have never noticed is because the real airport during the landfill operation was like that... I would put the photo mesh circa 2015. Today, there is actually another runway there (not yet opened). 

However the blend could be a lot more tidy and I am sure it was at one stage however I don’t have old installers and it will need a fix from Imaginesim if they feel so inclined to blend the airport with FTX Vector.

I have now had a look at WSSS and it is better but default (FTX Global once again in my case) is better.

I Install, check the airport is there, my tyres don’t sink, SODE works, and fly, IFR and don’t go sight seeing as I go to the real airports so don’t feel the need... in WSSS once changed at the hotel I head to Fatties for good company and half a dozen Tsingtao... I don’t walk around the airport so I guess my Sim approach is somewhat the same!

However, I don’t have the issue Chris has with Water Ultra. I don’t get his bleeds on the tarmac with the same setting (which is my setting) so that may be perhaps caused by something else he uses on his PC but I can’t help other than to say not on mine with the same setting.



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Well, the water setting thing is described in the readme coming with both sceneries, it is not my "invention". All I can blame Imaginesim for (and I DO that) is that such an information must be published on the product page. It is absolutely inacceptable to sell a product that needs a certain setting to be reduced for the product to function properly without giving this information to a potential customer before he buys it. Sure, here it is only a minor thing, but just think about it, what if for example a scenery needs HDR, shadows or whatever option to be reduced/turned off to work properly? Customers would certainly think twice buying this product if they know such a limitation in advance...

Greetings, Chris

Intel i7-8700K@5.0GHz, 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 RAM, Gigabyte AORUS 1080Ti, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Prepar3D 4.5

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I have no doubt it was not an invention, you provided the photos!

I absolutely get it, 

The fact I have Mike’s issue but not yours must be the bane of developers.

You have a workaround not a solution, not a fix. I am still scratching for a workaround however I might take the view that until earlier today I did not know I had a problem and just pretend I did not read this!


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Thanks for the replies guys.

i will never purchase another airport from imaginesim again.

still awaiting a response also through support.to ask if there is a bgl file I can disable to remove the water body around the airport which I’m sure you can

what a joke.



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After work I will see about water bleeding, didn't notice. I didn't fly around WSSS and ZSPD yet, just loading the bird in scenery trying to find why jetways issues are present. From FSX and P3Dv4 the ZSPD all jetways are black regardless if SODE is activated or not. Also, from WSSS the P3Dv4 jetways has bad flickerings if WSSS FSX SODE is activated.

Anyone experiencing these? Any ideas to give a try?

Patricio Valdes

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