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Panel.cfg modification causes CTD

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As you can see in the photo i want to resize the main 2d panels but the external view to be still on top so it doesnt block the external view like in the photo.

In order to achieve this im pretty sure i have to modify the panel.cfg line called " zorder"


in the case of that panel is zorder=2 but if i put 0 the FSLabs a320 when loaded will CTD p3d.


If i put zorder=99 it doesnt CTD but the panel is still blocking the external view


Is there anyway to change the zorder of the external view in p3d itself or am i stuck with this?

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I have seen examples of using  zorder of 999. Don't remember where but I do remember it was  quite a while ago.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz (8 cores) Hyper on, Evga RTX 3060 12 Gig, 32 GB ram, Windows 11, P3D v 5, and MSFS 2020 and a couple of SSD's

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yeah but im my case i would like to assign zorder=0 because i want that  main panel to be below the main view and not block it


Last year i was using p3dv4.0 with PMDG and this issue didnt happen.


This is 4.3 with fslabs

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You might check my findings about CTD of P3D 4.3 in multiple monitor scenarios:


I changed my setup, so that P3D main window was on adapter 1 and on the Windows default screen. And by that all my CTDs have gone. No CTD since that change.

LM has obviously a problem, if the main window is not on the main screen. I don't know your setup. But if you have such a constellation, try to change it.




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