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310R Redux is now my goto Trainer with GTN750

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First of all let me say that the 310R is a beautiful aircraft to have in your fleet, there is nothing on the market right now that can match a twin prop with this amount of quality and price, it's truly an award winning job by Milviz.

I wanted a twin prop "trainer" type aircraft with an A2A type of quality and the 310R redux just fits what I was looking for. But because of certain physical liabilities I can't fully use a yoke/pedals at the moment but enjoy flying a quality aircraft like the 310R and I would rather fly than not at all. So I had to tweak the realistic flight dynamics to my personal situation and basically turn it into a trainer and these are the settings that I now use.

In the Aircraft.cfg I simply had to modify the torque on the yaw, roll and engines.

p_factor_on_yaw          = 1.0  //p_factor_on_yaw  = -0.3
torque_on_roll           = 1.0  //torque_on_roll   = 0.3
Engine.0 = 6.5, -0.5, 0.0  //Engine.0 = 6.5, -5.8, 0.0
Engine.1 = 6.5,  0.5, 0.0  //Engine.1 = 6.5,  6.2, 0.0

the // simply means that those were the original settings and they are REM out. This will basically make it fly on a string and I can adjust the numbers to match the flight dynamics all the way back to the original settings if I wish to do so.

GTN750 fix, well there is no fix because it works great.

I was having issues with the GTNs not capturing the AP but it was totally my fault, the KAP140 works just like it should and will not capture the flight plan waypoint until it's within a 15 degree arc give or take. I have a two monitor setup and use 2x750's on the second screen undocked and everything is working as it should. There is a good KAP140 tutorial on YouTube called Becoming familiar with the KAP 140 Autopilot and it cleared up my misunderstanding of the AP.

The only minor problems with this aircraft are 3 wav files that I had to replace in the panels/sounds folder snd.11/13/14 with an empty wav files, those were driving me crazy. The other is that it has the default GNS530 which is terrible compared to the one in XP but that's a P3D problem and when you consider that F1 is selling the GNS530 for more than the 310R is worth, it's a fair trade off. As I get over my liabilities and able to use a yoke I will definitely re-tune the settings to be more realistic but for now this is my goto trainer.

Ryzen 2600x, Noctua U12A, 32Gb Vengence @3200MHz, Sapphire Pulse 5700xt, P3D on WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD

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