Assigned a non-existing runway by ATC at KPSP

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I have already shut down Pilot2ATC so I might not be able to provide all the requested info for a bug report but here is what happened:

Started at KTRM and set up, validated and filed a VFR plan to KPSP which is some 25 miles away. Called KPSP tower about 15 miles out (active COM showed KPSP Tower) and requested a straight in approach for runway 31R. Speech recognition understood my request for my approach exactly as I said it: straight in for 31R. ATC came back and approved my approach and told me to call when established on a 5 mile final to runway 35. KPSP only has 2 runways: 31R/13L and 31L/13R.

I ended up just landing on 31R and as soon as I did, KPSP tower welcomed me to Palm Springs Int. and advised that I may have landed on the wrong runway 🙂

Edit: I want to add that I think somehow it got confused and gave me an approach for my departing airport. KTRM has a runway 35 which is where I took off from. Also, when I was given wind info by KPSP tower, it was the current info for KTRM and not KPSP.


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Sounds like something went wrong with the frequency swap and it thought you were still on KTRM tower.

You can email me the log file to and I can see what happened.

Log files are located in: 
where <UserName> is your PC user name. Portions of the path may be hidden by default, so be sure Windows Explorer has Show Hidden Items checked in the View tab.
A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one.  



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