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Duxfod Scenery

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Hi Folks. Does anybody know of a good freeware scenery for Duxford EGSU for P3Dv4 please

Thank you


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It's probably covered by UK2000's VFR airfields Volume 2. You'll also see a pretty good freeware scenery on flyawaysimulation.com. Unsure whether it is available for P3D, but it would be a pretty easy step to see if it works or not I would have thought.


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2 hours ago, Rockliffe said:

It's probably covered by UK2000's VFR airfields Volume 2

I can confirm that it definitely is in UK2000's VFR Airfields Volume 2 Version 2. And it is excellent. I live close by and visit it often by bicycle. It very closely resembles the actual airfield. Most of the airliners on display to the west of the control tower are up to date, but a few other aircraft on display are no longer there, but to my mind this is not a big deal, as the general appearance of the airfield is so accurate. I have also done touch and go circuits at Duxford several months ago when I was taking flying lessons, and it was a real treat.

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I would say fine, but not perfect.

John did request freeware and this is the best freeware version that I have come across.



Christopher Bell.

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4 hours ago, Christopher Low said:

So the IWM version works fine in P3D v4?

Yeah their scenery was fine in v3.   I don't know if i checked it in v4.  I know ACG's Wattisham 1993 works in v4.  

The Duxford Airshow scenery is pretty cool complete with WWII AI.  The AI do work in v4.  

Jason Weaver - WestWind Airlines; FlyUK Airlines; VirtualUnited.org



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Using the FSX version in P3Dv4 will work fine. All AI is FSX native, so no problems...

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Thanks for reminding me that I need to get some Duxford scenery!  I visited Duxford for the first time last September a couple of days before the big Airshow.  Unfortunately, it was during the passing of Storm Ali, so nothing was flying that day (too windy).  Great museum, though.  I should schedule my next UK trip to catch an airshow!



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