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Appalachian Trail Adventure Missions

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Hi. My name is Dave and I am the creator of the Appalachian Trail Adventure Missions.

My goal is to complete the entire Appalachian Trail Adventure, most likely before I actual finish hiking the entire trail.

I am looking for your help.

If you have downloaded any of these missions and are unable to run it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I am an armature and make these mission as a hobby.

I have Windows 7 and FSX Professional version on my computer.

I have flown and completed these mission on my computer before I uploading the mission to AVSIM for other to enjoy.

The key word here is "enjoy"

If you cannot run the mission then you can not enjoy it.

Please be patient with me as I do make mistakes when putting the files into a folder to be uploaded.

I sometime make changes while flying the mission and sometime forget to copy these changes to the upload folder.

I currently am having problems with the Maine Mission. I have a use who cannot get it run and therefore is not enjoying this mission.

He sent me an email me to let me know that the mission is not working due to a flight plan that some how ended up in the mission flt file.

This is a flight plan that I made during the mission and some got into the mission folder. The flight plan of course is in my computer and not uploaded to the upload folder. This was not planned on my part for the mission to have a flight plan. I was able to remove the flight plan from the mission flt file and from my computer. The mission loads for me without the flight plan so I email the use a copy of the new flt file to replace the one in his mission folder. He still had no joy.

I am not happy with this as I do not want others not to enjoy these missions.

As of this date I am still working on a solution. I will needed to completely remove all file related to these mission from my computer and reinstall the Maine mission from AVISM to find the error.

So you ask, why do I need your help.

Well if you have flown these missions, please let me know;

What system are you using?

What version are you using?

Did it start up okay?

Was anything missing in the mission?

Where you able to complete the mission?

Did you get a reward at the end of the mission?

If your mission is not starting properly. PLEASE EMAIL ME. ASAP.

The sooner I know of a problem the sooner I can fix it.

If a fix is required, I will upload either with the next mission upload or with a fix upload if requested.

Thank You


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