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Good Greif!

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That's so funny!! I live around Huntsville, AL and I'm watching this video (not knowing they are from Huntsville) thinking "Boy, both of these guys look so very familiar!"

Then they say that they are building this in Huntsville! What?!

I've never heard of this project and I still don't know where I've seen these guys, but I feel that they may have been my customers in the past years.  I know that I have seen them and done some work with them before.....very strange feeling.  They are so familiar.  Maybe I'll figure it out or i'll let my wife look at it.  She'll remember who they are.

Update: I think I remember the bald guy.  I lettered his truck for a business that he was starting a few years ago.  He was making custom racing car parts, I believe, with a CNC machining router that he had's starting to come back to me.

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