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W&B and Fuel systems, where can I read more?

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I was wondering where I can read up in the manual more about the differences between the original and updated fuel system? These are options that can be selected in the Equipment page on the FMC but I couldn't find a reference to them in the manuals about the differences between them. 

Also where can I read more about the different weight and balance systems?

And can a 747 be equipped with a "single" weight and balance system despite not having a stab tank equipped? I ask because I assumed that the fuel ballast system needs that tank in order to ballast fuel.


edit: I'm sorry, the details of each option are listed in the Introduction Manual, sorry for the post


-Angelo Busato

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Angelo Busato

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As far as I know, weight and balance systems are mostly fitted to freighters (or combis). Freighters don't have stabiliser tanks.

Single or dual appears to be simply a customer option (and how deep the customer airline's pockets are).

Ballast fuel is related to the CWT. When freighters/combis are empty, fuel is carried in the CWT to help shift the Centre of Gravity forward.

John H Watson (retired 744/767 Avionics engineer)

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