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Looking to Hire Experienced Painter

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Good evening all,

I'm looking to hire an experienced painter to complete a few fleet projects for MidContinent Airlines. Our original artist has disappeared without a trace and I've been having considerable difficulty finding someone to take on the work.

QualityWings 787-8,  787-9 (10 unique tail numbers for each)

PMDG 777-200 (one theme livery)

Aerosoft CR7 (number of unique tail numbers undecided)

All the design work is completed, I just need someone with paint experience to apply what I've designed.


Mike Collier

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I'd contact SteveDra here in the forums.  His work is outstanding, and his knowledge and skill levels are impeccable.



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Posted (edited)

I recomment Sergy.  I hired him to do several paints for me and he did beautiful work and does them quickly.  Many times he'll have them the next day.

He sells paints on Simmarket, so his email address is displayed there anyway.

I've got several more that I'm going to get him to do too.

Here is his email address.

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Should not post email addresses

Robert Yunque

PilotEdge Ratings =   CAT-11 (2016-09-13)  I-11 (2016-10-23)  V-3 (2016-08-01)


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