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18 hours ago, RamonB said:

I´m preparing to make a MOD release. But can´t decide on the final color scheme to use on General Info Pages.
So I´m asking for some input here:

Choice 1 White Text and Green Values or
Choice 2 Cyan Text and White Values
Please note that in any case out of range values will be displayed on amber or red






Other Pages like TUNE and others have this color scheme. (Similar to what we see in the GTN)


NOTE: Colors look much crispier on my monitors.

Please make Your choice and post it here. (Will wait 2 days)


Hi Ramon!

I vote for choice 1: White Text and Green Values  (seems I'm loosing 😉 )

Thanks again for your nice work!

Best Regards,


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I now have thanks to Ramon his very good GTN 750 mod.  Embarrassed to ask but I have not been able to even get the F50 to follow a simple "direct to" command on the GTN. It must be I don't have the right combination between the GTN and AP. I have entered the airport correctly and it is activated but don't know in GPS or VLOC mode or what do with the CDI and OBS buttons.Trying to avoid altogether the FMS. Falcon just going in circles . .

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OK, think I got it figured out - has been a while since I last used the GTN. Great mods Ramon!

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Posted (edited)
On 5/4/2019 at 12:45 PM, dahsteak said:

Any update on this mod? Look forward to using it!

Yes, soon.

Just took some time off to attend other business, but I'm back and should finish it before May's end.


Edited by RamonB

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Hey @RamonB - this isn't going to be specific to the FA50 or your module but hoping you've maybe seen it before. After the latest update to P3DV4, my HSI in GPS mode no longer follows the GTN 750 flight plan. After reading the GTN 750 manual, i came across the section for Changing the AP Flight Plan Navigation Source. However, the instructions simply aren't working for me. "to change the flight plan nagivation course, right-click the source toggle click-spot on any GTN series gauge. An audible tone will sound and your aircraft will turn to follow the flight plan of the next navigation source..."

When I right-click what I believe is being referred to as the navigation source which looks like the blue sim card on the top left and get the audible, nothing happens. I tried uninstalling the aircraft as well as the GNT product and starting fresh but same thing happens; the navigations in all aircraft with the GTN are locked to GPS 360. Any ideas from your end if you've seen before maybe?

I tried posting in simforums where Flight1 is supposed to provide support but so far nothing. https://www.simforums.com/forums/topic61658_post393544.html#393544 . Just seeing if anyone has seen and knows how to correct at this point.




Mark Carter

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Posted (edited)

Hi Guys

I have recently had to reinstall my FA50 with Ramon's Mod.


The GTN gauge is showing but it is flashing with the background changing from blue to yellow to white.


I have uninstalled GTN, Mod and FA 50 and rebuilt it all from scratch.


Using P3d V4 with the hot fix.   My mod was downloaded in January.


Thanks anyone.

Edited by Dean33

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