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Hi Bertie,

2 hours ago, berts said:

Tut, tut, Simon.  Where's your respect for your Virtual managers?  😉

Besides, don't you mean the red band - and maybe the slower one was probably stuck at M0.76 because it was being held low and slow behind a Virgin A340?

I was thinking of the amber minimum manoeuvring speed indication -- as for the A340, given they only climb as a result of the curvature of the Earth I'd imagine it probably wouldn't have made it to cruising altitude by Mongolia!

1 hour ago, berts said:

Try using Simbrief because it allows you to experiment with the Fuel Plan figures in lots of ways, including changing the cruise speed and the fuel factor.  I suppose changing the latter is their equivalent of adjusting the Cost Index, although I haven't tried altering their default value myself.  

The Cost Index can be adjusted on the Simbrief flight plan data entry page. The fuel factor adjusts the overall fuel burn figures by the given percentage in order to account for the varying accuracy of FS models, amongst other things (just as real plans may have a fuel factor to account for increase drag/engine wear and tear etc as an airframe ages), so if you find that you are consistently burning more or less than the plan suggests you can make an adjustment here to take account for future plans.

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