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hi all, just installed the above for p3d v4 and pta 2.3 , and it looks great ( thanks for your superb work) , but I have an issue . I have white squares flashing on the screen when I pan and look at the sky ?? 

p3d v4.4, pta 2.3, sky force, ASP4, fslabs a319, 7700k, 1080ti all running on ssds

cheers phil

ps it really does look great and I have tried all the popular ones apart from the flashing I would say fantastic, again Aam thanks mate 👍


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Hi Phil - many thanks for the thanks (!!) - much appreciated!

Do these white squares eventually go away (in the same session, that is)? If so, it just means that the textures cache hasn't been built up yet. Once built, they shouldn't flash in subsequent sessions either - unless you've changed or re-applied a preset, which would have cleared the cache.

If they're persistent, then it may be that you're missing a particular cloud texture. I'd re-install your cloud textures via REX, A/S (or whatever you use), then re-apply the preset.

I don't think it's a memory or GPU problem, as I have all my settings maxed out (for testing) on a pretty old/mediochre system and I don't get missing/flashing textures. My frame-rates are pretty bad, but as soon as I'm happy with adjusting the preset values, I knock them back a bit (but not always, LOL).

Another thing to check is that your nVidia Inspector profile (if you use one) matches your P3D settings. You may want to Google that, if you're not familiar with it.



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thanks for the swift response Adam, yeah think your right with the texture cache, it seems to have dissipated now, i' am just off to Lanzarote from Liverpool shortly , will report further if it returns, and one last time great work , best preset  ive come across yet, thanks phil

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