Turrn rate and rate of descent when following vectors

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Following a vector approach to final with the AP in heading mode P2ATC commanded:

- for ILS to runway Two Four fly heading Two One Two to intercept final.

The pilot (me) immediately moved heading bug to 212 and Saab 340 turned to 212. However by the time turn completed the plane was on correct heading for runway but displaced to left of the approach as can be seen in the attached flight path picture attached.

My question is does P2ATC or indeed ATC in general expect turns to be made at a specific rate? How should this type of instruction be flown correctly? Maybe pilot should be monitoring rate and adjust according to instruments?

Similarly when descending from FL 190

P2ATC - Descend and Maintain Flight Level One Four Zero

and 2:45s latter.

P2ATC - Descend and Maintain Flight Level Zero Niner Zero

and 35 seconds latter

P2ATC -Descend and Maintain Five Thousand feet

To achieve these rates of descent needs a faster rate than set in the flight plan if time allowed to set new FL and start descent. Are such frequent requests the type of calls commonly made by ATC (P2ATC)?

I suspect these my be piloting issues rather than P2ATC but any asistance appreciated.




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The turn to 212 is to put you on a 30 degree intercept heading, which it seems it did.

ATC is expecting a 3 degree per second turn.  Some aircraft, by default do half that and would cause this sort of overshoot.  Many allow you to adjust the rate of turn.

On the descent, new altitudes are given based on approaching the next assigned altitude and are based on the plane's actual rate of descent.  You can set the lead time in Config so if you need more than the default 30 seconds lead, you can set it to 45 seconds or any other time you like.


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21 hours ago, Dave-Pilot2ATC said:

ATC is expecting a 3 degree per second turn.

A standard "2 minute" turn. Quite right, Dave! 😉



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Thanks  Dave

It seems the saab has a half standard rate turn when following the heading bug, at least in X Plane.

So I will make sure I am making a standard rate turn in future.


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