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P3D 4.4 stops sometimes for 2 or 3 sec with sound

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I use Windows 10 and have the latest Version P3DV4 installed.

I have these issue, that the Simulator stops sometimes  for 2-3 sec together with these  "Windows" warning sound.

I disabled all scenerys  and add-ons (ORBX, UTX, UT, AS), just the Sim and a PMDG Aircraft 737 & 777, but the problem stays....

I think it could be a "USB - connection Issue", that a USB Device ist disconnected and connected again...

My USB devices are 

- Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar

- Saitek Rudder Paddels

- USB Mouse

- USB Keybord

- Fritz WLAN Stick 

Is this possible, is there a way to monitor the USB Devices?





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In Windows Control Panel, go into the properties of each USB hub, in the Power Management tab, and make sure "Allow windows to turn off this device to save power" is UNchecked.

You'll want to double-check those settings after any Windows update, because the updates have a nasty way of turning all that word most definitely not allowed back on.



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7 hours ago, w6kd said:

"word most definitely not allowed"

That's new, what the heck did you put there? :laugh:

Greetings, Chris

Intel i7-8700K@5.0GHz, 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 RAM, Sapphire RX 6900 XT SE, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Prepar3D 5.3, MSFS

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14 minutes ago, AnkH said:

That's new, what the heck did you put there? :laugh:

The question arises...

Who moderates the moderators, I wonder ?

Did Bob moderate himself ? :tongue:

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8 hours ago, AnkH said:

That's new, what the heck did you put there? :laugh:

An anagram of that well-known fish perhaps? Carp? 😁

Ray (Cheshire, England).
System: P3D v5.3HF1 & v3.4, Intel i7-8086K o/c to 5.1Ghz, Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11Gb, Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD, 1Tb Samsung 860 EVO SSD, Asus Prime Z370-A mobo, 32Gb G.Skill DDR4 3000Mhz RAM, Win 10 Pro 64-bit, BenQ PD3200U 32” monitor, Fulcrum One yoke.
Cheadle Hulme Weather

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Ray, as your are now Hercule Poirot, take a bow🤣

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Rick Almeida

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Hi guys,

I have the same issue as Enrico10999 has reported : freeze of P3Dv4 and a double windows7 system sound.  In order to identify the sounds I replaced these by the spoken words 'Connect' and 'Disconnect'.   When all of my USB devices are connected I get 2 sounds : first 'Disconnect' and then 'Connect'.  This was giving my the problem that my wireless headset disconnected but not properly connected again.  I just removed all of my USB devices (Rudder, yoke, throtle) and now I only get the message 'Disconnect'.

I am unable to find a solution : I already realised that the USB ports get cut-off by the windows USB power setting.  I put the selection of USB SELECTIVE SUSPEND SETTING at 'Disable', but no gain : stille freezes.... 

On top of, caused by above issue ?, I am getting CTD with ntdll.dll error in the WER files.

Already did a clean install of windows...

Who can help me ? If helpfull, I can send full details of my system.


Peter Magnus



ps. sorry for my poor English...

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