Calculating ZFW from PFPX for the PMDG 747

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Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while since I last posted in the forums!

I’m having what you might call a “blank moment” in regards to Zero Fuel Weight coming from PFPX being input into the FMC in the FS ACTIONS > Fuel and Payload section.

Inputting my total fuel from PFPX is fine, however when it comes to inputting the ZFW on the payload section, I’m confused.

The figure I’m getting from PFPX is configurable to display either KGS or LBS. I currently have it set to KGS, however in the FMC, it appears to have a different format.

I wanted to know if the FMC or the PMDG aircraft calculate the ZFW in Tonnes or in x1000 lbs, because PFPX is giving me figures in KG.

So for example, if my ZFW given by PFPX is 191,722kg - what do I enter into the FMC in the ZFW section of the Payload screen, and / or how do I calculate that figure?

I have the PMDG options set to handle everything in KGS at the moment in the aircraft.

Again, probably a silly question but I seem to be having a “mind blank” at the moment and I was hoping someone could enlighten me off the top of their heads.



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If you have the units set to KG in the PMDG options, then you enter the value into the FMC in thousands of kilos (metric tons).  If you have the units set to Lbs, then you enter the value in thousands of pounds.

191722 Kg ZFW would be entered as 191.7



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