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I wanted to let you all know about a new X_Plane Add-on that I have been using with P2ATC.

Yesterday I made my Virtual Airline flight from KORD to KSEA; what follows is a brief description of that Flight:

On Taxi at KORD I saw many aircraft moving on Taxi, Take-off, and on Finial Approach. As I was following my taxi instructions and got close to runway hold point I was told to line up and wait, as 2 planes were ahead of me (and thats what I saw 2).  Once I was next in line for T/O I called tower for clearance and was cleared but warned of possible wake turbulence ( a 767 had just landed).

I departed and as I planned (I looked it up prior to startup) an ASA (Alaska Airlines) flight also going to KSEA was just out in front of me (He departed on the parallel runway to mine), I could see his outline ahead and just a bit higher.  As I climbed out and he got a bit further ahead his blip showed up on my TCAS.  Once P2ATC even warned me of his traffic and location.

Now on the decent into KSEA the weather had dropped to Snow with 700 ft ceilings.  I set up for a ILS approach into Seattle with 200' AGL minimums.  Once established on the ILS and decending, in the clouds and snow, I was working the procedure when at about 700'AGL (and still in the clouds) P2ATC announced to conduct the missed approach due to traffic on the runway. I began scrambling to do so as I popped out of the clouds (about 400" AGL) and sure enough there was a plane sitting on the tarmac...WOW!  I conducted the missed approach and received vectors to re-try .


Here is the link to Live Traffic (its still beta but works pretty darn well)

Real traffic from the real world what an amazing idea!


BTW I am VR (But still using a yoke and pedals); I use MCE (Multi Crew Experience for a co-pilot); FSGRW (excellent weather); P2ATC; Sim Brief; TopCat (For flight performance); and ZIBO 737

Thanks Dave for building "in" the stuff that I didn't ever know was there!

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I agree it is very immersive to use P2ATC in connection with AI traffic! 

The big downside, be it with World Traffic 3 or Live Traffic, is that P2ATC has no control over the injected traffic. It's nice to experience being issued a go around for a few times, but it can get very annoying over time. Try to land on the active of a busy international airport, you will have to go around forever as there is no slot for you and the AI traffic keeps blocking the runway you have been assigned to land. After a while you end up just ignoring the go around as you want to get down. 

That's where i hope there will be more integration in future, if I'm cleared for an approach I want ATC to keep other planes away from my runway. 😁

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Actually the next beta version is going to have a couple of features to address some of the issues you mentioned:

1- Hide aircraft- if you want to assume the position (say in Taxi or on approach) you can hide any plane and assume his spot in the Que.

2-Impersonate an Aircraft- You can in real time (approximately) hide an aircraft from view but still receive his data.  Most VA's use real world plans. This would allow a flight from A to B with a known AC to be flown by you and your plane.  You could use Live ATC radio to mimic the instructions he receives (with about a 90 second delay).  keeping an eye on his data and adjust yourself to keep up or slow down, etc. all the way.

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