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Single button runway view

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Hi, it has been quite a few years since I have had to re-install FSX and I was sure I used to be able to press a single button on my controller or keyboard that changed my virtual cockpit view so that I was "virtually" keeping my eyes upon the runway that I had chosen to land on (I know I can do this via the menus but I just wanted to do it with a simple key press). I then also had another button from memory that restored my virtual cockpit view back to "eyes front" as per how my default flight begins. But I have been mucking with the various available key command options for a couple of days now without luck, so I am guessing I must have had to change some configuration files somewhere to be able to do what I did.


But basically I want to be able to do the following (if it is actually possible).


1. Allocate either a single keyboard command or controller command such that my view from inside the cockpit changes to keep track of the threshold of the runway I have elected to land on.


2. Allocate either a single keyboard command or controller command such that my view reverts back from 1 above to my virtual cockpit view exactly how it is for the start of my default flight (which is basically eyes front in the position determined by my aircraft's cfg and panel files.


Incidentally, my controller can incorporate macro commands so if it is absolutely necessary to have a combination of keys to do the above, I can possibly do that via a macro command for my controller but I am hoping there is a simpler answer to this.



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