Payload Manager X: Three Questions

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Hi everybody,

I have three questions regarding the great Payload Manager X:

1. When adding a passenger to the sim, the aircraft is reloaded. With a simple aircraft, that doesn't seem to be a problem, but the PMDG T7 goes crazy and jumps around on its gear until the sim is restarted. Is there a way around this?

2. With the default BE33, PMX shows no payload stations...?

3. Is there a way the passengers/pilots can be scaled? Setting next to me in a 152 (and firmly in his/her seat), the passenger is easily a foot taller than me.




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  1. If you are just adding pilots or passengers, that happens instantly - you don't have to press "Apply". The button press is only mandatory if you change the payload station list (weights, positions, deleting or adding rows), and only right after the change is made (= basically only necessary once for every aircraft, when you create the initial payload stations for your passengers).
  2. I don't have a "BE33" - which aircraft is that exactly?
  3. You can alter the model files with ModelConverterX, that tool has a scaling function - but these changes are permanent. Please note that in many aircraft models your own eyepoint position is actually lower than it would be if you were really sitting there. This is probably made that way so you can keep the instruments in view. And the measurements of the aircraft models aren't that realistic either. It just stands out now, when you have a fixed size object to compare them to. For example, with the default Beechcraft King Air, the internal model is bigger than the external model if you put a ruler next to it (or a fixed size pilot model). There are many discrepancies like that in most aircraft that I know of - nobody notices them without a point of reference. Even the best developers take liberties like that, just look at the cockpit geometry (windows especially) of the PMDG 737.

Best regards


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Hi Oliver,

vielen Dank.

BE33 is the Bonanza, in my case from Carenado. Just realized the default Bonanza is the 36, so if you don't have the 33 add-on, just disregard. Maybe someone else with the 33 can chime in.

Roger on the aircraft sizes. Adding a co-pilot with your tool is fun, especially because in small planes he/she sits noticeably closer, which really gives a sense of room - or lack thereof.

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