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The A340 Part 7 - To New Zealand

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Following on from my previous post (here), we're in Bogota and about to take an Avianca A319 down to Santiago. From there we'll make our way across the South Pacific to Auckland... then I was a bit impulsive.

Parked in Bogota, high ground visible in the background and quite a bit of unstable air around... and no jetways (I've no idea?)

A whole bunch of older, more interesting AI in South America, here, an Aerosucre 727, don't see many of them.

A Canadian Kelowna Flightcraft (now KF Aerospace) DC10 avoiding the CB's

The Military ramp in Bogota

Going into cloud quite quickly after departure, keeping an eye on the terrain as there's quite a bit around...

Nice scenery in the cruise but there's only so many pictures of mountains and clouds I can post. While we're over Peru I catch this LCPeru Dash8-100 descending into Lima and...

...this Sioux City KC-135 on the ground.

Starting the descent into SCEL, lots of altitude restrictions on the way down, the terrain display being invaluable again.

As we descend below the mountain tops we enter a layer of cloud.

Out of the bottom of the cloud and starting the approach.

Taxiing in, a bunch of LAN 788's, I wonder we're they're going.

Last shot of a pretty JetSmart A320 and LAN 767 taking off in the background.

Next flight is a LAN 788 to Auckland, it's a pretty murky evening in Santiago and our taxi out and take off is conducted particularly slowely and carefully.


We soon climb out of the murk and make our way across the Pacific, it was dark and there wasn't much to see (not even much AI down there). As we approach Auckland though, it's a clear night and here we are descending over the city

Here's a Qantas 737 departing very early from Auckland.

Here's a Barrier Air Islander parked up at North Shore Aerodrome.

Not much scenery for Auckland at the moment so here we are parked up at the standard Orbx one.

At this point I had an epiphany, I'd been sitting on the Carenado Do228 for a while and not flown it much and had just picked some Orbx NZ in a recent sale and figured, why not combine the two. I rationalised it as a charter from Auckland to Queenstown, then on to Milford Sound and finally back to Auckland. I couldn't find a New Zealand paint for it so suspended my reality for a while a flew a Golf registered aircraft.

I wasn't sure I was going to post any pictures so I didn't get many of the departure but on seeing these decided I needed to take some more.


For more of this excursion see here.

Otherwise, next flight is over to China, then down to South Africa... I even manage to find an A340...

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