Sim Crashes Solution:
Make sure you are using the correct versions of the Milviz Advantage WX Radar and the GTN 750/650 GPS units. These addons are known to cause P3Dv4 crashes if not updated for P3Dv4. ============================= Problem:
1. Missing parts on exterior model from P3D V4.4
2. Black textures where Chrome parts are located Solution:
For 3rd party programs that use shaders this can cause issues with the new P3D V4.4 PBR. So those 3rd party programs need to update their products. 
1.Try removing or turning off those shaders. 
2. Turning off the shaders sometimes does not fix the issue. So some users found instead of upgrading from P3D V4.3 to V4.4, a fresh/clean install fixed the shader issue.  ============================= Problem:
Grey textures where chrome is located. Solution:
The Falcon 50 requires P3D V4.4 or higher because our model uses the new PBR so those older versions are not fully compatable. ============================= Problem:
Autopilot annunciator lights stuck on.  Solution:
P3D V4 seems to have a strange behavior with some of the default aircraft being saved as your default flight. Change your default flight to another aircraft. ============================= Problem:
Flashing screen or strange artifacts from the VC. Solution:
This was due to heavy coding in the interior model. We have lowered the coding from animation that could not be seen or used. Most users had no more issues. But there seems to be a few customers with slower computers or have heavily loaded add-ons find the blue flashing every once in a while. We supply an interior model on our website and we removed more animations from the cabin, static switch ports and the HF radio because these are not really needed. This fixes the issue and was tested by 2 customers who had the worse case. 1 reported 8 flights now with no issues.