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Conquest P3D version 4.4 Left prop strobe effect

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I have been flying the Conquest in FSX for a couple of years now in FSX and I love this airplane. The problem that I am describing does not happen in this airplane in FSX.

I just bought Prepare3D V4.4 and when I tried the Conquest v2.3a in that sim I get a strange strobe effect on the left prop both during startup and when completely up and running. It just keeps flashing such that I see the prop in the blurr like a strobe light was shining on it. Day and night. It happens on the ground and in the air and is visible from both inside the airplane and outside views. It does not seem to have any effect on the flight characteristics or gauges. It does this with both versions of the prop on left side only. Right prop looks like normal blurred prop. Since it has to different versions of the props, I tried both and it does the same thing with either, only on the left side. Operationally it is not a problem, but it is a distraction.

I uninstalled and re-installed and still does the same thing after reinstall.

I have the Flysimware MU-2 and the 402C and neither of those have this prop effect on either side.

I searched this forum and it I did not see any reports on this. Anyone else seeing this effect?

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I also sent contact info to Flysimware thru their web page ad receive an email back in about 10 hours (I consider that very good response time). They suggested that it might be a faulty installation of Prepare3D 4.4 because they did not see it. So I tried further testing.

After doing further testing on this effect, I have tried some different sequences of loading the Conquest after starting up Prepare3D. I had been loading it after loading the Mooney Bravo at KHVN. So, I was loading the Bravo first, then loading load the Conquest. In this situation, I got the strobe effect on left prop. So, I tried another airport (KEYW) and did the same sequence and no strobe effect. Moved the airplane (still running) to KHVN and no strobe effect. 

Then I tried, after a restart, starting up in KHVN loading directly with the Conquest in KHVN. After starting engines, no strobe effect. Flew around with no strobe effect. 

So I my best guess is that there might be some type of conflict with a texture that loads under some circumstances (like location or previously loaded plane) that causes this effect. So I when I want to fly the 441, I just make sure that I load it first, before any other airplanes. So far that has worked in all of the starting airports that I have tried.

As Flysimware support suggested, I may have a faulty installation of Prepare3D that is behind this effect that I see. At this point, I am not going to re-install it since I have found something that works to avoid this effect so I will not at this point. Like I said in my first post, I really love this airplane (kind of partial to turboprops in general but this and the MU-2 are really at top of my list).




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