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Diagnostics Dialog

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After installing DX 10 Controller V4.0, in the diagnostic dialog appeared the following messages:

1) " WARNING !  Highmemfix is not set in Fsx.cfg. May cause out of memory errors or graphics corruptions"

2) "HINT !  Aircraft self Shadowing is not set in Fsx.cfg. VC shadows will never be shown"

By the way excelent product 

Thanks for your reply.


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It’s telling you that there are two things in your fsx.cfg that you should address:

it has determined that your fsx.cfg doesn’t have the highmem fix which is essential when running fsx ( it isn’t needed for fsx steam edition).

You can either research this in the avsim fsx setup guide and edit fsx.cfg yourself or

  • run the dx10 controller
  • select  Fsx settings -> fsx.cfg,
  • tick high mem fix
  • press apply - the fixer will then make the change for you.

It has also determined that you haven’t set aircraft to cast shadows on themselves which will prevent aircraft showing shadows including in the vc.

To address this

  • run fsx 
  •  go into settings
  • select customize
  • select aircraft tab
  • tick aircraft casts shadows on itself
  • press ok


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