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3rd monitor problem with P3D v4.4

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Not sure if this is a P3D issue or whether I need to make some sort of change - let me explain.

I run with an MSI game notebook that is capable of displaying to three monitors - the built in as well as two externals.

One issue I have is that the notebook only has one HDMI port which I have always used for P3D and do not have an issue.

However I wanted to add a second external display so I use my Mini DisplayPort with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter where I then connect to my second external. This works perfectly with any other programs I run except for P3D.

When I launch P3D it loads but stays minimized in my Task Bar and will not expand to the monitor - what am I doing wrong?

Appreciate your help. 

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Interesting, I remember having a similar problem a while back, you are using W10 so when you right click and goto display settings, is the monitor your are loading P3D on the main monitor and is monitor 1/2 extended or duplicated under Multiple Displays.

Once P3D is loaded can you do Alt-Tab to get to it or does it stay minimized ?

If nothing else right click on P3D and goto properties and see if it's running in a 'normal window' also make sure it's running as administrator and if nothing else, under compatibility try to disable the fullscreen optimizations.

Let's go from there and see....

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Yes I am using W10.

First let me layout my display monitors:

Display 1 (0) is my built-in monitor.

Display 2 (1) is my external monitor that I want P3D to load on.

Display 3 (2) is for other addons to be displayed on.

Now what I have noticed in the P3D Options\Display screen is that it does recognize all three monitors but it always seems to default to the built-in display (0) when you look in the Options Menu.

I have tried switching monitors around using the DisplayPort as well as the HDMI Port.

What I have found is that it seems that P3D does not like using the DisplayPort - there is never a problem with the HDMI. So if P3D really does not like the DisplayPort I have no choice but to use the HDMI - I wanted to use the DisplayPort as it is reported that it has better speed throughput.


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