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P3d v4.4 / fsuipc / fsrealtime conflict

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Have latest upgrade on all 3.

P3d 4.4.16, fsuipc 5.15. FSRealTime 1.99c

The loading terrain data when flying on offset on FSRT with auto update on keeps popping-up and trying to revert back to local time and FSRT then re-sync to offset time.

fsuipc fs clock sync'd and system time are unchecked.

checked various forum and still unable to find solutions...

tks for any help

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this am, just found out at the start, selected world, time season changed to Alaska time zone. (Z-8)
Double check FSUIPC FS clock sync'd and system time = unchecked.

after 5 minutes, P3d v4.4 returned to my local time zone Z-4 (CYUL)

No FS Real time at that time.

Therefore believe the conflict is between P3d v4.4.16 and FSUIPC 5.15.


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this am, completely removed FSUIPC, clean-up, re-boot.

did an offline flight in Alaska time zone PST, re-set FSReal time to offset my time zone EST.

did a local circuit for approx 30min. FSReal time maintain the offset.

Should have done that before creating topic.

will fly more flights on line and see.

tks to all.

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Unless you enable the option related to syncing the time in FSUIPC, it doesn't tough the time unless an application interfacing to it does so. then it is acting on the instructions from that application. Basically, an FSUIPC installation with no options and no applications does nothing to the sim at all. It is just a tool waiting to be used.

I used to use FSRealTime with FS9 and then FSX, and it used FSUIPC to change the time. From what you say there must be a new version which uses SimConnect instead? Check its settings window -- doesn't it say "Connected to FSUIPC" at the bottom? It certainly shows this in the pics on the 3D softworks website.



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16 hours ago, gsand said:

It's still using FSUIPC Pete.

Thought so. Thanks for confirming.



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