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Turbulence Effects Request

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I've been a ChasePlane user a few years now and like it a lot, but I see EZDOK v3 has just come out and has a lot of cool features, one of which being the new turbulence effects which interface with Active Sky. I was wondering if this might be possible in Chaseplane in a future update. As it is now, I have to turn the wind effects all the way down because it just results in a constant shaking as a function of wind speed, which is not realistic. I have flown in 150-knot winds aloft and had a ride smooth as butter, and also been beat up in light winds. It depends on many factors such as the bending of the jetstream, encroaching frontal boundaries, etc. Obviously the turbulence simulation in P3D isn't as realistic as it can be, and using acceleration forces alone for the camera only results in an up-and-down motion effect. But if ChasePlane interfaced with ActiveSky in order to know when there is turbulence and to what degree, realistic camera effects could be generated accordingly, such as the quick shaking effect that we see in the 'wind' setting now, but tuned so that activates only when Active Sky indicates there is turbulence. Or some violent side-to-side jolts when flying through moderate turbulence to add to the immersion. I think this is the one area where EZDOK has the upper hand now, so I am just wondering if this can be looked at.



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I'd be OK with this feature as long as it could be completely disabled for those who don't want it.

This feature is why I left Ezdoc to begin with. I don't want anything messing with the flight model. And my recollection is that is feature could not be disabled completely.

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