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Hello, I am in a flat spin heading out to sea.....

I am running P3Dv4.4 64bit | Windows 10 Pro)

In the quest for a mouseless flight Sim experience, I purchased Reality XP GNS 530W/430W V2 a few days ago; and am very excited to have it, I am building a panel for it, dual pole + push button encoders etc.. Master will hopefully be NO_BEZEL on a 7 inch HDMI screen, the secondary will be installed as per A2A or Popup.. So I need full functionality on the home built panel in each aircraft, the secondary panel on the cockpit dash is purely visual and does not need to do anything except look the part. 

That said, I am new to panel building and I am not used to programming, but have up until now been able to use LInda Lua and FSUIPC to programme my Encoders and Buttons.. After reading the RXP manual, and looking at the ini files I am totally confused. Hopefully someone can unconfuse me..... Please 😃 I have already discovered that the Linda LIB: RealityXP module does not work


Q1) if I am using Linda Lua to assign buttons, is it necessary as well to add the required key strokes, for example "SHIFT+CTRL+M" to the list found in n:\Users\<name>\Documents\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\RealityXP.GNS.ini  ?

I would prefer just to use a Lua function in Linda as below which does the same thing.

function RXP_530_MSG ()

    ipc.keypress(77, 11)

    --DspShow("R530", "MSG")



Q2) Where can the control names for each button be found?

Are they listed in the xml file found at n:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\modeldef (RealityXP GNS V2).xml  ?


The reason why I am in a flat spin heading out to sea is, the message button in the modeldef (RealityXP GNS V2).xml  document is named RXP_GNS_MSG_BUTN_n 

In the RealityXP.GNS.ini file its named as MSG_n = (keystroke values),

And looking at the Linda LIB: Reality XP Module this calls for a function named RXP_530_MSG 


Q3) Where is this control RXP_530_MSG found  in which ini or xml file?


Q4) What advantage is there in not using the default Sim Commands?


I hope this makes sense, Many Thanks.


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Best to just get all of those connected to a Board that will show up as a "Joystick" or Game controller.  I built my GNS 530 using an Arduino for all of the buttons and encoders.  This then shows up in the computer as a Joystick device.  I use Spad.Next for all of my device programming....I like it better than FSUIPC as it does have some other nice features, but also because it can control all of my Saitek FIPs and most USB HID devices.


In the 530 configuration (Shift - Right Click) under advanced you have the enable for using the Simulator Commands.  Even without one of the interface controllers like of FSUIPC you would be able to just map the Buttons in the Joystick mapping of FSX / P3D.  However I do it in SPAD so that in the "bigger" planes like a PMDG 777 I can use it as the Lower Screen and then map all of the buttons for it.


Digressing......Back on point....All of the Simulator Commands can be mapped to a button.  In the GNS manual there is a listing that tells you which Command button maps to which GNS function.  Most are straight forward but there are the Generic GPS Button 1-5 which get mapped to the "Radio Knob" or Left Knob.  Also for the Com and Nav Swaps those use the standard Nav1 and Com Swap commands.

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Les, many thanks for your time. I am using a Leo Bodnar 32bbi usb board, Once I get the hang of this, Arduino is my nest step. I was completely unaware of Spad.Next - very interesting... Any ways your reply has halted my flat spin and I will take your advice and use the Sim Commands... It appears to my novice brain that RXP GNS is very complex, none of the control names are obviously the identical making mapping in my mind a nightmare.

Cheers Les, many thanks again. 

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The GNS V2 is very deep when you reach further yet we're trying our best to make you feel you're using a simple mobile APP:

  • Sane default settings for most aircraft.
  • Seamless configuration with the in-sim/in-aircraft GUI Configuration Panel.
  • Live immediate feedback for any change in the settings.
  • Clever integration capabilities like "Use Simulator GPS Commands" to make interfacing with any 3rd party as easy as a swap of the default GPS (mostly).
  • Extended configuration capabilities for the most daring.
  • Last but not least: best graphics and performance in the industry while offering identical user experience from FS9 to P3D4!

And certainly much more to add but this starts sounding like an infomercial 😉

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I am very happy with the purchase, and happy that there is good support. I am learning albeit slowly, fathoming the depths of this great piece of software..


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