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TomatoShade Problems

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As I couldn't find a support forum for TomatoShade, perhaps I overlooked it, I am posting my question here.

I up to now have been a PTA user, but I now rather switch to Tomatoshade, From within PTA I restored P3Dv4.4.'s original shaders and just to make sure that everything really was back to their originals I uninstalled and reinstalled P3D's client and content modules. However, when I then fire up Tomatoshade I am getting an error message "Something went wrong during initialization"".  Do any of you have an idea what might be going wrong here and how to fix thi


Later: Problems are resolved. By uninstalling/reinstalling content and client modules of P3Dv4.4 the problem isappeared

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Hello, i have the same issue, no one seems to have an answer for it. The tomatoshade log shows this when i launch it :

P3D folder found
P3D shader cache folder found
  Backup found for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl - skipping copy
  Backup found for GPUTerrain.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for GPUTerrain.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for General.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for FuncLibrary.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for Cloud.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for ParticleDraw.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for Shadow.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for Stars.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for PrecipParticle.fx - skipping copy
Shader backups created
  Shader integrity invalid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl
  Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx
  Shader integrity valid for GPUTerrain.fxh
  Shader integrity invalid for General.fx
  Shader integrity invalid for FuncLibrary.fxh
  Shader integrity invalid for Cloud.fx
  Shader integrity invalid for ParticleDraw.fx
  Shader integrity valid for Shadow.fxh
  Shader integrity invalid for Stars.fx
  Shader integrity valid for PrecipParticle.fx
Shader integrity tested

I hope someone has an answer. Thanks in advance, B. Batkitar.

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You have to restore the original P3D v4.5 ShaderHLSL files that was the solution for me.

First thing I do when installing a new P3Dv... version is make a backup copy off the ShaderHLSL directory and put it aside.




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