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Duking it out with the Rockies via P3DV4.4

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I made the photo scenery, my Colorado scenery here in Avsim's library if you can endure eight separate downloads for FSX or P3D4.4 (can't vouch for other versions of P3D since I never had 'em)

I thought I had lost the Duke, it was not found when I tried to start this flight earlier, but a visit to the Legacy page allowed me to reinstall it.  It is my favorite Piston twin followed by the Cessna 421 and Cessna 310, and finally the newer Diamond DA62 and DA42.  My fav piston twin tprops are the Cessna Conquest and RealAir tprop conversion, but I do not fly them often, I like the turboprop niche (and I forgot to include the workhorse B200), but I usually like piston twins for some reason given their fuel efficiency and flight missions they use.

My dream is still that someone, whether Carenado, Alabeo for P3DV4.4/FSX or someone for Xplane11 creates a P210 Cessna, predecessor to the handful of other pressurized singles and still found on the tarmac today.  Either that or a pressurized 337, I had one once by another vendor but it crashed too much and did not look like the real bird inside or out that much.  I just love the pressurized piston GA aircraft and their ability to get the average GA pilot there faster without moving to jets, which cost up to three times as much or tprops costing twice as much. 

If I change from Light Sport to GA now that I will probably have a substantial accident settlement given the extent and permanence of my injuries, I will want to work up to an IFR, pressurized piston twin pilot knowing I can still pass the medical as my vision has improved in my older age for reasons that confound my doctors, since they can see no cause even with the extensive CAT scans I recently had this week from my accident.  They pumped so much contrast into me I know they were looking for something but it is hiding because they could not find anything internally wrong in my body or brain, just a lot of external damage in my lymph system and soft tissues.  One can still fly with those challenges as many older GA pilots in Light Sport have shown me.

I do not get seizures, I have the heart of an OX which saved my life when my blood pressure fell during the aftermath of being run over this week.  That was their chief concern, getting my blood pressure back up, and I have not felt close to passing out in several days, just a background pain like the big bang's background radiation.  Maybe I needed a car to run me over to get an aviation class physical done at this time in my life--as long as they do not ask me for another colonoscopy, even though they knock you out, if you have reached that age you will know it is the prep for one that I am talking about, lol.  I had an early one in my 40's after a scare with cancer and have not wanted to go there since.  Other than my accident I treat my body like any good simmer would--if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  Enough backstory, it is late and I just wanted to close my day with a visit to the forum that cheers my aching spirits the most these days.  After I post I will scan and respond to the other great hobbyists here who kick our hobby up another notch with their visual and verbal points of view....




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John, I do see advantages to your approach of creating your own photoscenery, and being able to continuously VFR-fly from A-to-B (on the region of your own liking) - without any (irritable) discontinuity of scenery - not being dependent on 3rd-party vendor's offerings!. Bernd and I were exchanging comments of this sort in his recent post. But, of course, I do see the issue with large disk-space, which, you've (often) pointed out too...

And, here, the old-gold Duke still looks good. It's unfortunate that RealAir closed doors, but, it looks like, they have maintained their (up-to-date) installers as available for prior-owners. A great gesture...

Also, here, you have run through several other ever-green classics....Sorry, the 337 didn't work out for you, I do fly the Carenado version 337 often for VFR...

Finally, yes, agree, "...like any good simmer would--if it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Take care!

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