There is a member tatfsn who started a topic about the F50 airfile and N2 going above the red line. So he was trying to use N1 92% during takeoff and using up too much runway. But this bird you would use N1 99% and the N2 should be 99% as well.  With N1 at high rpm this will match N2 at high rpm but this scale will change as you lower the rpm. Based on a video watching a real F50 idle was at 31.2% N1 and the N2 was around 58%. So i basically matched this. Same for the high rpm the video showed the N1 and N2 at 99%. So these low rpm setting to high rpm settings is the new sliding scale. As you go from low speeds to high speeds the max N1 99% will drop to around 92% N1 at high speeds. I also increased the N1 ratio to throttle lever position so there is a higher increase in N1 percent with a low throttle setting giving you even more throttle range at higher rpm. This will  help on maintaining the correct throttle position so the speed does not run away. Please test this new update and post some feedback.