Experience with an old PC in P3D v4

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All (or for anyone interested) ,

I've just completed an excellent and satisfying flight in a Carenado (Bill's mod) 350i from EDDL (Simmmarket) to EGLF Farnborough Orbx default. I could never have done that with such insane settings previously, even in P3D v3 let alone FSX.

My settings:

Wired2Fire FlightSim PC from 2014. Win 10 Professional; P3D v4.4; HIFi AS16, UT live at 35%; Rex SkyForce 3D 90 miles visibility; Rex World Airports; Envtex water, ASCA cirrus 4k; 4k cockpit; 2k clouds; only config tweaks are TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=200; FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.8 and  - TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9. GlobalTerrainView set to False.

My system:

Asus Mobo; i5 4690K; GTX1080 card; 32Gb RAM; 27 on 2k ASUS ROG IP Monitor. P3D v4.4 running on a 720rpm disk, Orbx N Germany UK Orbx EU England. Autogen and terrain settings mostly full to the right (Lod radius Ultra) Terrain only reflections, shadow and water quality, medium.

May have forgotten other things. But I could not belive I could complete this flight without terrible stutters (there were a couple only) and single figure frames etc. Autogen is slow to load in dense areas but hey - I wouldn't be the first to notice that. Goood as it gets? Probably not - only got 15 frames at EDDL but in the 20s at EGLF and appproach over S London. And it looked gorgeous. Finally using PTA tool with Matt's Dec 18 preset (my all time fave). even without  WST ticked....

Its a tribute to the advances made in P3D v4.4 that I could do this with such an old machine, when even new machines can give problems sometimes. I would upload some screenies and settings pages to illustrate but I can't immediately see how to do that easily here. If anyone wants to see any I can try another time.

Any comments or questions welcome of course. Just wanted to say.


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there are many who would give their eye teeth for a PC as powerful as your "old" one.

I had thought from the title that you were running a dual core Pentium or so.

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I run the same CPU on an EVGA 970GTX, and have never had stutters, single rate frames. Okay, the CPU is oc'd to 4.2GHz, but other than that, and 16Gb RAM, enjoying P3D with Orbx, Fb, UK2000, FSDT, PMDG, CS, MJC.

Can't wait when I build my new rig based on the i5-8686k+MSI 1080 combination+4k display later this year.

12 minutes ago, nolonger said:

running a dual core

me too

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I forgot to say my CPU is overclocked to 4.4GHz - which probably helps.

In answer to 'nolonger' - reading a lot of forum posts here you would think the latest and greatest PCs were what the majority of users running P3D v4.4 on high settings would have. I guess I never thought anyone would still be running a dual core Pentium for 64bit P3D though, except maybe for FS9 (unless he was joking). I guess GHz is still king.

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1 hour ago, rayharris108 said:

I guess GHz is still king.

Not so much just GHz, but more pertaining CPU GHz rather than GPU GHz.

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I have a old Sandy Bridge 2600K OC at 4.8 since 2011 and replaced recently the 580 GTX for a 1060 6Gb version and cranked up the 1600 Mhz DDR3 RAM from 8Gb to 16Gb and voila, Running P3Dv44 at 30 fps and everything to the max with all the ORBX stuff fully loaded with my GA Cirrus 22GTX and the Diamond DA42. When I go flying VATSIM online with the PMDG 737NGX from EHAM (The Tampa version on top of ORBX True Earth The Netherlands) I  have to set back the autogen from extreme to normal en fps fixed at 20... (20 fps was terrible in FSX but fine in P3Dv4.x) Other areas like EDDM or EDDS to LOWS or LOWI I can easily fly the 737NGX at 30fps and scenery slider to Extreme.... with ORBX Germany South installed.

I'm sorry, I have to laugh often while reading all the guys complaining here about performance while spending lots of money to get only 5% more performance with the nowadays hardware and oh, I forgot to mention that I am also using REX and UT Live. 


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Your 4690k processor and 1080 video card are actually very capable of running Prepar3d well, especially with a little oc. I’m getting excellent results with a 4790k CPU oc’d to 4.5 GHz and a 1070 graphics card, as are many others. I see little point to spending a bundle on a new rig now for only marginal performance increases. We will see what v.5 brings to the table and reconsider then. Enjoy your old rig and enjoy having the time to fly rather than tweak  


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+1 use a 4770 with a 1070 and i was really suprised with reasonable Settings how smooth 4.4 was.

but i decided to go the rob way 🙂

next week my 9980XE arives which is running @5.1 ghz all core.

very interssted to see what happpens then 🙂


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Ha!!! All this talk about old systems, And here I am running an I5 650 3.2ghz Dual core with 8gb of ram and a gtx 660....I need an upgrade.

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