Sky Simulations MD-11 V2.0 - support tickets?

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Just wondering of anyone else has raised any support tickets for the V2.0 MD-11 (including the service pack)?

I orignally sent an email to them last Thursday 14/3/19 then resent it with the appropriate subject prefix of "MD-11" (as per the small print on their site).

I appreciate that only 5 days have elapsed since my original email (2 days were the weekend), but the main idea of this thread is to see if any other FSX users have pointed out similar issues:-

The tiller turns the opposite way in the VC

Spool up sound still present upon shutting down the plane. I did get some degree of success after clicking a couple of times on the three starter switches. 

The manual states that the digital fuel displays on the overhead are in gallons, yet they match the numbers on the synoptic display which are in kilograms and add up to the total fuel remaining shown in the top right of the display (again in kg :) ).. (could be a simple, yet confusing typo in the manual).

There are no doubt other "issues" but I'll get to those in time, assuming I get an answer for the ticket I raised.

For example, I've still not quite worked out the click spots (airspeed controlled via thrust, heading rather than nav1, altitude attained using V/S) to get the autopilot to respond first time rather than say, resetting the numbers, but I'll persevere. Once set she does fly nicely though.

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When loading up a saved flight where I'd been at cruise altitude, the cabin altitude has reset to sea level triggering a red CABIN ALTITUDE alert on the displays. The aircraft doesn't appear to save that parameter, nor does it automatically resolve the pressure difference. (Mario Noriega's excellent freeware Piaggio Avanti exhibits the same behaviour FWIW..)

I can set the cabin altitude manually, but when switching back to auto, the system descends the cabin back to sea level once more.. :wacko: again triggering the alert.

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No surprise as the instruments and systems driven by custom L: type variables are simply not considered and therefor saved by the default load/save function for flights.

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Two things :-

The MD11 will restore the correct cabin pressure if I start a descent - nothing to drastic, then reset the altitude back to cruise.Cabin pressure decreases and eventually the warning is cancelled.

The other is that I still have not had any replies - I mentioned to Just Flight (where I purchased the MD from) that I didn't know how they managed to broker a deal to sell Sky Simulations products in the first place, given the complete lack of Sky Simulations product support... :wacko:

It's a good job I love the MD-11 and like Sky Sim's product despite it's quirks, in lieu of me not having PMDG's legacy.


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