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Is there anyway to record this info?

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I'm looking for a way to record propeller revolutions, and oil usage as well as overall engine use and wear and tear.

Could you write a program that would generate possible failures based on a set percentage from the user?

I would pay you for something like this, I wouldn't expect freeware.


I've been waiting for FS Passengers for P3d v4.4 but it doesn't seem to happen. I hate flying along and knowing that everything will work all the time.

I know you can buy some aircraft that do this but I want this for all of my aircraft.

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there once was a product called FS Real Engine if I remember correctly. I think that it was implemented as a set of XML gauges, so it should work in P3D too.

While making an external program for this purpose is possible to a certain degree, I'm not sure how "good" it will be. A proper engine simulation (piston - turbo - jet?) is not a small task. Furthermore, different engines have a ton of individual parameters that would have to be provided by the user. A lot of aircraft developers use non-standard code to circumvent simulator limitations, and that won't work together with the app either.

Paying for it is a nice sentiment, but for an individual development you would have to pay by the hour at my external rate - 100€ per hour. For the app that you have in mind we are talking about a total effort of something between 200 and 500 hours (hard to tell without any specs), so the development cost would be between 20.000 and 50.000 Euro. Make it payware and sell it? In all honesty - forget about that. If I had to pay myself my normal rate, I would have lost 98% of that investment by now in four years with five products in three shops. 

Best regards

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