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Changing descent rate and consequently TOD during flight?

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is it possibile to change descent rate and consequently TOD during flight?

This happens if I realize that FMC TOD and P2A TOD are too far.

I tried once but P2A still used the old TOD even if the refreshed waypoints list displayed the new one.

Is there something I have to to? 

Thank you.

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As in real life, changes to the flight plan in the cockpit are not communicated to ATC.  Also, ATC is not aware of the FMC TOD and will start you down when the descent fits into their traffic flow, so often you must adjust and fly a different descent than your FMC has displayed.

All that said, if you are experimenting to find the right descent rate for your aircraft, and if you have not yet received the "Expect the xxxx arrival...." call, you can do the same procedure as you would use to reconnect after a SIM failure:

  1. Disconnect P2A from the SIM
  2. Make the changes to the descent rate
  3. Connect to the SIM
  4. File the flight plan with the new descent rate
  5. Make an initial call to Center like "<CallSign> at FL 320"

ATC should recover and recognize the new descent rate in it's TOD calculations.

Once you have a good descent rate for the aircraft, it should be the same for all flights in that aircraft.



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