Water tiles have different colours

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Hi all,

I'm on P3D V4.4 with ORBX, EnvTex and PTA and my water tiles now look like this...



Notice the dark squares in the middle of Tropical Ocean tiles. It's also like this near every shore.

How do I fix this?

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I had this too when using PTA with Hifi Active Sky and Cloud Art.

I then removed PTA, moved to EnvTex\EnvShade, kept Active Sky/Cloud Art, and added Rex Skyforce3D.

I don't know which component corrected it, but probably the move from PTA to EnvShade, but all I can say is it now looks correct, without those rectangles in the sea.

I cannot say that this was the fix, but those are the only things I changed.

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I noticed the same thing when I started using PTA 2.64 with Water Surface Tuning enabled for my presets. So, I switched back to PTA 2.63 without the Water Tuning and it fixed those tiles. 

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Turn off Water Surface Tuning in PTA 2.64.....Known issue.

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Thanks guys.  I was having this too.

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Posted (edited)

If you want better water shader effects you can dl my preset which also includes a manually modified GPUTerrain.fx file. 


See here the water will look then ( this is with my March preset but the water is made by the edited fx file :



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