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Aerofly: Next Step Of Evolution

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Ladies & Gentlemen, may I introduce: 

The PA-11 Piper Cub Special

Aerofly FS 2 aircraft made by Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (IPACS team member) and Krysztof Kaniewski.  3D model by Adrian Fernandez Comez.

It's the first aircraft in AFS2 which is able to run out of fuel !!!!!

......and it is for FREE as well !!!



....some user related screenshots from AFS2 gallery







In the following some closer descriptions/quotes from Jan (IPACS member) regarding fuel management - look first link above:


First aircraft that actually runs out of fuel and stops the engine, yes. The fuel system is not finalized yet, otherwise we would already see this in our default aircraft. But as long as I can "delete" fuel by overfilling a tank we don't want the engines quitting on the user end. Not yet anyways.  Fuel level ("FillLevel") is programmed in the tmd file of the piper cub.


The fuel gauge works and you can even kill the engine in low g maneuvers and fly the fuel tanks empty. I'm not sure if it is realistic but you can also pump the primer to get a bit more fuel into the engine in these situations :D

Once that prop is stopped there is no way to restart the engine in the air.... once you are on the ground you can grab the prop with the mouse or vr hands to get it spinning again though :)


Fuel is reset to the level programmed in the tmd file as soon as you switch liveries or switch aircraft.

I've actually tested the engine fuel cut in a Just Flight aircraft before I added it to the Piper Cub. So I think it will probably be included there as well but I'm not 100% sure of course, it's their aircraft in the end and things might change. And IPACS is currently helping JustFlight, not sure if Krzysk is also doing that, don't think there is a need for him to do that if IPACS is already doing that.


The fuel has to travel forward as well, so if you pull high g's it might not reach forward enough...

Regarding the restart: If you don't open the engine valves your prop would have to work against the cylinder compression. That is why on engines that are designed to be started in air by the airflow (e.g. retractable engines in gliders) you have to pull the decompression first. Otherwise you will not get the prop to spin or only at very high speeds.

In the Cub I deliberately disabled the clickspots for the hand start in the air, so there is no chance to cheat anymore. I think it makes it a bit more thrilling to do aerobatics if you know you can totally kill the engine mid flight and have to land it as a glider.

On the ground when the aircraft is stopped you should be able to spin the prop from the external pan around view if you get close enough, both with mouse and VR hands (untested but should work)


Although this is a " lame duck of the skies " :happy: and can become even more boring if you fly it virtualy, I know from various forums that there are a lot of Piper Cup fans out there.

For you maybe it is the right place to be and you can get it here....

DOWNLOAD - Piper PA-11 Cub Special for Aerofly FS2

(just click on pipercub right there)


All the best.

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