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a long way with the Queen thru the dark night ...

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... and now the great sunny morning!

With QF27 from YSSY to SCEL. My first flight to South America!

The Queen with PBR looks fantastic! ... when I remember to my good old FS9 days and now ... things have changed





Have fun!


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Urmel's enhanced AFD's for Prepar3Dv4 at JCAI.DK     -     https://jcai.dk/author/urmel81/

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Just fantastic....what beautiful glow and shine on the fuselage!...Just right...and not overdone....thanks for posting...

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Posted (edited)

Nice depiction of the flight, images of the Andes mountains when  landing in Santiago are breathtaking - there is a good freeware SCEL available for those who what to replicate this flight, which I have done many times in the Sim. I flew QF27 to Santiago in February this year - 14 hours, the return flight QF28 is more interesting in that it tracks further south, crew onboard told me that on some occasions depending on conditions, passengers can see the ice mountains of Antarctica. This route, and Sydney to Johannesburg and the occasional pacific flights are the only remaining ones flown by Qantas 747's, eventually to be replaced by the 787. Another Aviation history door will close.

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steve southey

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